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Sacco Ginevri - Commentaries and cases on italian business law. 2021

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    this casebook deals with the basic principles of the italian business law and focuses on certain recent and pivotal cases in which important rules governing the modern public company have been applied. after a short overview of the main corporate and securities laws and regulation applicable to italian listed companies, certain leading cases which triggered the application of such rules are analyzed. the main interrelationships between and among the economic and legal elements are scrutinized for the purpose of highlighting the economic logic underlying corporate law. in the financial markets’ dynamics, the public company plays a vital role since it attracts the public savings coming from the investors in order to finance business plans and strategies which create growth and welfare. in such a scenario, financial intermediaries must act in the interest of the investors, selecting among the potential issuers those who are the most attractive for their clients. when companies are structurally organized to attract standardized equity or debt investments, by issuing listed shares, bonds or other financial instruments, their operational and governance rules change in order to safeguard the public savings coming from the investors. in the end, what makes this branch of law so interesting to students, practitioners, and scholars alike is the open-textured relationship between corporate law and securities regulation which plays a crucial role in such context. the cases selected in the second part of this book deal with significant topics in the italian market practice and are briefly commented making reference to an updated set of laws and references. therefore, this book can be used also with a focus on comparative legal systems for corporations taught in italy or abroad. publisher cedam

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